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True Broccoli Friends

I hope you have at least three true Broccoli Friends.

Let me explain.

When I was growing up, I had a small, gray poodle named Mitzi. She was my favorite dog for two reasons. She loved to snuggle, and she ate the food that I didn't like when I would sneak it to her under the dining table. Looking back at it, I think that is why she lived so long - she ate mostly vegetables. And, of all the vegetables, she probably ate broccoli the most - lucky her.

But, like many of you, my tastebuds grew as I grew. Now, broccoli is actually one of my favorite foods. I even order it at restaurants.

Which brings me to my issue.

When I chew on the lovely little green 'tree', a little bit of it inevitably lodges somewhere along the tooth line. Just a little pay back for all my years of complaining about it, I'm sure. I had it coming.

Then, a beautiful thing happens. One of my friends will say something like, "Hey, you've got broccoli in your teeth", pointing in the general direction on their own teeth. With deep gratitude, I dig around until finally the small, green dot is dislodged.

I look at my friend with a deeper sense of belonging. She loves me for me - broccoli and all.

And, she's not afraid to let it get a little awkward for a moment.

That's what true friends do.

They walk with you through the awkward moments. They let you know when your off base, or when you have gone too far, etc. I love that about true friends. I don't have to wonder. Broccoli Friends make life more real, more deeply connected.

And, one of my truest litmus tests is broccoli.

To have a Broccoli Friend means you have to be a Broccoli Friend.

Try it out.

It's just like eating vegetables. You have to at least try it. And, just like vegetables, it gets easier and tastier with time.

It's good for you.

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