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The Definition of You

Many intelligent, creative people travel down life’s path, searching for who they are.

I get it.

I spent most of my day yesterday going through boxes in the attic, trying to condense four large containers down to one. As I went through each small, square, personal historical museum of my past, I found myself slowing down as I always do. Looking at each item inevitably reminded me of me,

the ‘me’ of yesterday.

I followed my growth through the years by perusing old calendars, photos, and looking through ticket stubs, etc. Very familiar.

And, yet, worlds apart from where and who I am now.

Which then caused me to rethink my time spent looking for the real me.


Waste of time.

Because I'm constantly changing, transforming. Thank Goodness. Really.

He is Good.

I don't mind taking a walk down memory lane. It's a reminder of how far I've come, and the wonderful ones who have walked with me. But, I don't think I want to spend my time figuring out who I am anymore, and instead, focus on the One who is constantly changing me.

He never changes.

Thank Goodness.

Trying to define me just puts me in a box.

And, I already have too many of those in the attic.

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