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Risky Adventure - You in?

Updated: Feb 1

We all like adventure. whether it be adventure of risk in new, unknown places, or the adventure of risk of seeing the familiar in new ways.

The family trips of my youth were mostly of the familiar kind. When our car was loaded down with luggage, it was as if the automobile instinctively knew where we were headed. It would turn east on the interstate as if in automatic mode toward our comfortable destination. Yet, even though the path was worn through many years of travel, and we knew the towns ahead quite well, we still encountered unforeseen obstacles along the way.

Some of these situations dealt with the terrain, such as roads being worked on and long, long lines of cars keeping us off our schedule. Others dealt with our equipment, such as a blown tire or mechanical malfunctions that we had to pull aside to fix. And, weather was always a factor, with sudden downpours and an occasional tornado. But, we persevered, because we knew where we were headed, and we knew the place and the people would be kind, it would be fun, it would be an adventure -

and it would be familiar - safe. A safe adventure.

I have seen my faith like this in the past. An adventure worth a nominal risk, with a few obstacles along the way, but it will be fun, it would be an adventure - and it would be familiar - safe. A safe adventure. Safe people who agree with me. Safe conversations where I have the right answers. Safe situations where I am in control. Get out of my comfort zone a little bit to enjoy the experience of it, but keep it close to my safe space - keep it safe.

The problem lies in the fact that life is not safe. Sometimes the roads don't just have construction on them, but rather they are dead ends. Marriages that fail. Careers that abruptly end. Disease that has no answer. If you've lived long at all, you know that life is not a safe adventure.

So, what to do in those uncertain times?

I remember one particular road trip when the rain was coming down in sheets and visibility was only a few feet in front of us. My young heart was pounding as I looked out from my back seat window to a vehicle spinning out of control. Others had come to a complete halt, obviously out of sheer fear of moving ahead. I took my eyes off the road and looked at the face of my father, who was driving, to look for signs of concern. He was maneuvering slowly, but carefully down the highway, his face calm. "Daddy, are we going to be okay?", I asked. His reply was simple,

"I've got it. You relax."

The storm was still raging. Other faces in other cars still showed panic as they drove past. But, none of this bothered me now. I let the sound of the raindrops lull me to sleep. My father had said it would be okay - I would be okay.

This world is not safe. It never was.

But, does that cause us to sit inside, fearful of what may happen if we venture out?

Risk. Take the risk. Your purpose on earth is not to hide.

Maybe your hiding from a conversation that needs to be had.

Maybe you don't have the exact words to explain your faith. God is not calling us to have all the answers. He is calling us, however, to get out there and love. Trust him.

Trust him in the thing that seems the biggest risk to you today.

And, trust that, although, you may not see how it will all fall out, you do see the Driver who promises to work all things out for good (ultimately) for those that follow Him.

In an unsafe world, take heart in this...His simple, yet profound answer to you today and always...

"I've got it. You relax."

Go have an adventure! Risk! It will be worth it!

'Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's.' II Chronicles 20:15

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