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Just Breathe

I had a kind of 'out-of-mind' experience yesterday while talking with my granddaughter on the phone. Maybe you'll relate? It's one of those moments when someone asks you a question and you have no idea how to answer, but an answer comes out of your mouth anyway? And, then afterward you think, "Wow, that was a good one, God - is that the way You see it? - because I am clueless."

Taylor had been having a rough few days adjusting to the new Kindergarten scene. It can get intimidating. I had called to tell her to have a good day. The conversation went like this:

Me: Do you know who you can take with you in your pocket wherever you go? Your best friend?

Her: Jesus? (A guess that is always a safe place to start for an adult's questioning, right?!?)

Me: Yes! He will walk alongside you all day! He will help wipe your eyes if you cry. He will laugh at the funny jokes you laugh at. He will rest with you at nap time. He's Your best friend.

Her: Really?

Me: Yes, really.

Her: Okay, but ZeeZee (that's her name for me), before you hang up, I have a question for you.

Me: Okay ( and, here comes the place where I had no answer...)

Her: How can Jesus really be everywhere and then just with me?

(I honestly have thought about that many times myself. Really, the question is a deeper one, right? - like, 'Am I really that important to You? Am I really that special? There are so many other things that demand Your attention. Is it really a fact that You are there?)

I prayed a quick, silent prayer, "Oh, Lord, how do I explain this to a child - to myself?

(And, this is where the words came out that were not from my pea brain...)

Me: Well, Taylor, do you have air in Idaho? Is there air all around you?

Her: Yes

Me: Well, there is air all around me in Texas right now, too. That's like Jesus. He can be here, there, and everywhere just like air. And, while I was talking just now, did you take some breaths of air? Did you breathe?

Her: Yes

Me: Well, those breaths of air you took into your lungs were just for you - no one else got that air. It was special just to you. That is like Jesus. He can be special just to you, even when He is all around for others. Does that make sense?

Her: Yep! Love you, Zee Zee!

Me: I love you, too!

Hanging up the phone, I stared out at the wind in the trees. Wow, that's true, Jesus. I know it is, because that did not come from my little mind, I know it didn't. Okay. Just breathe. He is with us wherever we go today and always.

If you or I need a reminder,

...just breathe.

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