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  • Suzanne Taylor

It's Just Walking...Right?

I have a miracle that happens to me every single day. It was pointed out to me in an online course on vulnerability. (I need loads of help with vulnerability, but that is for another day) The lady on the computer screen told me to stand where I was. Okay. Then, I was asked to close my eyes. As I stood there by myself in my living room, the instructor asked one simple, yet profound question...

"Have you ever truly thought about the fact that the area of the bottom of your feet holds up and sustains the entire weight of your body?"

I cheated by opening my eyes, staring at my two appendages pushed onto the surface of the earth. Amazing. Right? Simply amazing,

if you think about it.

But, God wasn't through with my lesson on feet quite yet. Three days later, I am listening to a friend speak about how...

walking is really just controlled falling.

"Okay", I say looking up into the blue sky, "what do you want me to understand here?"

A couple of things come to mind, I guess one thought for each foot I own:

1. The world sees 'standing on my own two feet' as an independent activity where I will get the praise. But, the truth is, it takes submitting to His ingenuity and wisdom to do this literal and figurative tiny feat, (pun intended) and let Him guide me. He’s doing the action, not me.

2. My action part in this 'walk of life' is to trust Him and 'fall' toward Him, believing He will catch me when I stumble.

Every time I step.

He will do the same for you.

Enjoy your walk today.

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