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With all of the craziness in the world right now, it takes me back to a simpler time before you and I were even born - way, way back to the time of Adam and Eve. Now, don’t tune out - this really has to do with you.

When Eve was tempted in the garden, I don’t think it was the fruit that tempted her.

It was something much deeper than that. Satan had told her that if she ate the fruit, she would have the knowledge of good and evil. In other words, he was telling her one basic thing.

She was not enough.

She was not enough for this world, and if she would listen to him, he could give her ALL the answers.

He was pulling on two of her inner workings, I think. He was working on fear and pride.

Satan was asking, “How can you get by in this world, if you are not enough?”


“You can figure this out all by yourself - you don’t need God or anyone else, for that matter.”


Satan took part of a truth and twisted it with deception and lies.

We need to give Eve a little grace and forgiveness. She faced just what we face today. Satan whispers in our ears, just like he did in hers.

And we have a choice.

Do we feed our fears of ‘not enough’ in the situation going on in the world today?

Or, do we make the choice to realize that it is true - we are not enough - and that’s okay? That it was actually part of the Great Design to keep us in loving relationships with our God and with others? And, that we can trust Him?

That we have a Father we can go to/ lean into/ share our deepest fears with? One Who can give us a peace that surpasses all understanding? That He takes care of us through hard times - the way even a loving earthly father would?

If fear and pride had babies, I think they would be ‘comparison and control’.

Our fears and our pride often show themselves through these two offspring.

Comparison tries to justify our thoughts, judgements and actions at the cost of division of relationships, while control keeps us hovering, striving, constantly on a treadmill that makes us weary before the day even begins. Either way, it’s an ugly dance with others and within our own souls.

With the craziness of the world right now, I have been tempted just like Eve. I have been sorely tempted to first fear I am not enough for this scary situation. And, secondly, I have been tempted to control my surroundings by hoarding.

God had a different answer for Eve.

And, He has a different answer for you and me today.

Our loving, mighty Father is in control, and He has our best interest at heart. If we could turn the great pages of history and future to see our world through His caring eyes, we would want the way God sees it to happen every time - even though, at times, it looks so wrong to us.

I have been reminded over and over many times in my life that I am truly not enough, but now I embrace it! I’m glad for it! What would the world be like if I was truly and utterly in control? What would it be like if you were? We can’t even remember where we placed our car keys!

Whatever is going on in your heart today, I hope you’ll take comfort in this -

God is a mighty warrior God - He told Joshua to sing, play music, and walk - while God Himself tore down the walls of Jericho. Daniel only needed to sit quietly and talk with his Father while God Himself shut the mouths of the lions. He walks before you. He is mighty. He is loving.

You are not enough.

That’s okay.

He is.


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